Eastman’s venture into Farm Parts happened in 2007, with the company starting with developing Tractor Linkage Parts. However, it soon moved on to diversify the products, bringing in Combine & Harvester Parts, Truck & Trailer Parts, Digging & Forestry Parts, Forging & Machining Parts, and Casting Parts. Eastman has entered the customized products business, tending to the demands of its customers, and making their aspirations a reality.
Eastman already has the infrastructure in place to scale up fast, and therefore, it has managed to develop and bring forth 7,000 products so far. With multiple projects in the pipeline, this number will only increase as the time goes by.The plant is capable of producing more than 200 tons of parts in a day, working two shifts per day. While our manufacturing remains world-class, we also have state-of-the-art Testing Facilities at our Quality Control Lab. We also partner with third-party agencies such as COSMOS, Auto Parts & Research Institute, CTR, NITTER to assist us with bringing our vision to life.

Mr. Jagdish Rai Singal
Mr. Jagdish Rai Singal
Founder of Eastman

Board Of Directors

Eastman’s The management team of the Eastman Group comprises of experienced professionals who have worked with the vision of taking the Eastman Industries Limited to the top. They have always believed in delivering the best quality products at or before the scheduled time. Our management team has been constantly achieving its objective of maintaining leadership in the target markets. Each member of the team is dedicated to increase the financial performance of the organization. Headed by our MD Sh. J.R. Singal, the management team comprises of following persons.

Sh. Jagdish Rai Singal

Sh. Jagdish Rai Singal is a founder and promoter of Eastman Group being the highly renowned Industrial and the backbone of our organization. He believes in strong leadership movement with expert guidance in the field of Industry. Under his leadership Eastman has won 4 National Export Awards during last 30 years. This is an yearly award and 20 companies are honoured at national level. The company was also awarded with the special Latin American Countries Focus award for outstanding export performance by the Govt. of India.

Mr. Shekhar Singal

With a people-oriented approach, Mr. Shekhar Singal is known to be extremely resourceful and a capable administrator. His out- of the box ideas have tremendously helped us in advancement of business. He is always ready to face any challenge and encourages his staff to excel in every field. His new ideas make the way easy and smooth for Eastman. With a master’s degree in Business Administration, he is also the Managing Partner and Executive Director of Eastman Auto & Power Limited (sister concern of Eastman Group). He is also serving and giving his valuable suggestions to Rohit Heritage Jewelers (P) Ltd. as a Director.

Mrs. Vandana Aggarwal

Mrs. Vandana Aggarwal is well known in the industry for her outstanding contributions. Her innovative ideas are a source of inspiration and works as catalyst for the success of Eastman Group. She has been an integral part of our Group. With her dedication and efficiency she has steered Eastman to become a reliable group of companies for its customers all over the globe. With a graduation Degree in Commerce, Mrs. Vandana Aggarwal is an active Director in Ozone Overseas Ltd. and is also working as a Managing Partner in Jaycee Overseas Ltd.

Mrs Darshana Singal

Enriched with years of experience, Smt. Darshana Singal has an in-depth understanding of the industry. At present, she is working as an Executive Director in Eastman Group

Sh. Vineet Jain, Director

Sh. Vineet Jain, Director, is Bachelor of Commerce and has more than 25 years exposure with an emphasis on market, latest development and technology trends available in the market. He is also a promoter and a whole time “Director of M/s Duro Pack Limited”.

Sh. Kultar Singh

Sh. Kultar Singh is Whole Time Director of the company. He is Commerce Graduate by qualification & possesses over 30 years of Industry Experience. He has personality of Dynamic Nature

Sh. S. K. Vadhera

Sh. S. K. Vadhera is a Professional Director (Non Executive – independent director) of the company. A very dynamic personality with Bachelor of Engineering from a University ofrepute. His technical knowledge, and expertise is an asset to the company

Sh. Sushil Kumar Sachdeva

Sh. Sushil Kumar Sachdeva is Whole Time Director of the company. He is a Qualified Chartered Accountant by qualification. His professional & technical knowledge, & expertise is an asset to the company.