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Agricultural implements consist of various parts that are Built to perform specific functions and tasks in the field. Here are some agricultural implements & Spare Parts:


  1. Blades: Blades are used in various implements such as plows, harrows, and cultivators. They cut through the soil, loosen it, and prepare it for planting.


  1. Tines: Tines are pronged metal parts used in implements like cultivators, rakes, and harrows. They are used in loosening soil, removing weeds, and leveling the ground.


  1. Discs: Discs are circular metal plates used in disc harrows and plows. They cut and turn the soil, breaking it into smaller clumps. Made up of Carbon and Boron Steel.


  1. Wheels: Wheels are an essential part of many agricultural implements, including tractors, plows, and seeders. They provide mobility and support and weight of the implement.


  1. Seed hoppers: Seed hoppers are compartments that hold seeds in seeders and planters. They ensure a consistent and controlled distribution of seeds during planting.


  1. Bearings: Bearings are Machinery components that allow rotating parts to move smoothly. They are used in various parts of agricultural implements, such as wheels, axles & other agricultural Implements.


  1. Chains and belts: Chains and belts are used to provide power transmission in agricultural machinery. They transfer rotational energy from engines to drive various parts of the implement, such as wheels or blades.


  1. Hydraulic cylinders: Hydraulic cylinders are used in implements that require hydraulic power, such as loaders and excavators. They convert hydraulic pressure into linear force, enabling the lifting and movement of heavy loads.


  1. Pneumatic tires: Pneumatic tires are commonly used in tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery. They provide traction, cushioning, and support on various terrains. They are Preferred for the performance of the Machinery